Removing Barriers: Equal Access to Technology. Ms. Ray’s Classroom. 1st grade North Calloway Elementary School Murray, KY

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Removing Barriers: Equal Access to Technology

Ms. Ray’s Classroom
1st grade
North Calloway Elementary School
Murray, Kentucky

We were one of two donors to this project. It was a matching fund.

Equal access to technology they all deserve.

These Dell Chromebooks will not only allow my struggling readers to access grade-level materials but will help them to grow in all areas.

Ms. Ray’s Students

She teaches 1st and 3rd grades students.

Her students are eager to learn and achieve. They are hard working and far exceed their abilities in most situations.

These students are motivated and want to grow and learn new things.

Ms. Ray wants to keep them motivated, learning, and challenged even when she is working with other students. She needed extra experiences for them in the classroom so they can continue to learn, grow, and gain independence.
Ms. Ray’s Project

Her special education classroom is full of students of varying ability levels who are dependent upon the support of others.

With these Chromebooks, Ms. Ray’s students are able to work independently on materials and tasks that are specially designed for their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Chromebooks allow for her students to practice and engage in grade level materials and assignments, while she works in small group sessions with students of varying ability levels.

Thank you, everyone, for helping with this project!