Mrs. Thomasson's classroom. Grades 3-5. Project scholastic magazine and book project.

Mrs. Thomasson’s project

I use both BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. in my classroom to introduce both our science and social studies lessons. The short videos align with our curriculum and state standards and cover a wide range of topics.

By presenting the new vocabulary and basic ideas through the use of stimulating videos, BrainPop engages my students and helps lead them into a deeper understanding of the material covered that day.

The short quizzes that follow give me a glimpse as to what I need to focus on the most as we read through the lesson. BrainPop grabs my students’ attention and are an enjoyable part of each lesson!

For the past two years, my class has also used Scholastic News Magazines during our tiered reading instruction. The news magazines have been a fun and informative way to work on nonfiction ELA Common Core standards while staying at a reading level that my students can understand and learn from.

My students have enjoyed articles about George Washington, volcanoes, and even jellyfish! The magazines include short videos, skills sheets, and online resources that make learning nonfiction skills even more engaging and interesting to my students. With your help, I would like to continue this subscription into next year!