Portable Plastic Recycling Grinder. Mr. Cope’s Classroom 10th grade Ballard County Career & Tech Center Barlow, KY

We helped purchase the students a drill press.

We were one of two donors to this project.

Mr. Cope’s Students

His students are high school 9th-12th graders and attend a small, rural school. He teaches about 90 students a day. They really push the students to become college and/or career ready. In doing so, all students in their high school go through at least one career pathway.

He teaches an Industrial Maintenance pathway that really pushes all of the STEM categories. His students really love and focus on technology and engineering though. They love to solve problems and get their hands dirty performing real world work.

This project is trying to solve pollution issues in our community, especially plastic pollution.

Their community doesn't have a recycling center or even a plan really. They are trying to minimize and reduce pollution by increasing recycling.

Mr. Cope’s Project

His students will be able to use this drill press for this project and many more to come. The drill press will be used to help fabricate a plastic grinding machine. The hope is that these can be an incentive for more people recycle their plastic.

By donating to this project, you have helped my students create an awareness for recycling, and give them hands-on experience.

The students will be able to work on their project and will not have to wait for tools to be borrowed. As part of the Samsung Solve For Tomorrow campaign, my students are excited about completing this project.