Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Jefferson Elementary School.

This was a fun project and I was happy to help support it.

Ms. Weatherbee is the sixth grade school teacher. 

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This is her words and her project

My Students

I have a classroom full of seventeen energetic students this year. Our school is in a rural area, and the students that I teach come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our school serves students in grades K-6 and provides rigorous academics, loving teachers, and a safe learning environment. As a result, we are consistently one of the top-performing schools in our district every year

I have high expectations for my students, and I love to see the look of accomplishment on their faces when they achieve a new goal.

I look forward to making new and exciting experiences available to them whenever possible.

My Project

Having access to an iPad in the classroom will give my students the ability to take Accelerated Reader tests as soon as they turn the last page in their books. With limited time to use our school computer lab, the students need other means of taking tests. This iPad would also be used for other classroom projects, such as our digital book reports and robotics unit.

Finding the "right book" for students is essential for them to build both confidence and proficiency.

Classroom libraries should include many types of books for the various interest levels of the students. I read the first book in the Baseball Card Series, Honus and Me, to my students a few weeks ago. It was so exciting to see how captivated the entire class was! When we finished the book and I told them that there was an entire series revolving around the character in the book, they were quick to ask if I had the other books. I knew then that I had captured the interest of some of my students who had not previously shown much enthusiasm for reading.

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