Listen Up For Tolerance! Sixth Grade. Jefferson Elementary, Massac County, IL.

Beau Dodson Weather was one of nine donors for this project.

The teacher is Mrs. Kennedy.

Here is the project in her words.

My students need headphones for group listening centers in the music room.

My Students

I teach elementary music, band, and choir at two small schools in our district. In my music classroom, we are learning the fundamentals of music, like notation and rhythm. Music should be a fun class to attend, so we like to learn by playing games and getting out instruments. The students have music once per week for forty minutes.

We have a very enthusiastic group of students who love to learn and have fun at the same time.

My students show such pride in their school, district, and our town.

My Project

My students need several pairs of headphones to add to our listening centers. We currently have enough for half of the students in each class. This project would allow each student their own set of headphones to use for various listening activities in the music classroom.

Listening to different types of music is so important for students.


My students will be able to form small groups and choose a piece for the group to listen to, instead of the entire class listening to the same thing. My students will be able to listen to music from all over the world in small groups, helping to promote tolerance. They will also have the ability to adjust the volume, pause, and restart the song. Having enough headphones for each student to have their own will make listening to new music a more personal and enjoyable experience.