Sailing Through History! 5th grade Metropolis Elementary School

We were one of two donors for this project.  

The teacher for this fifth grade class is Mrs. Warren.

Here is the teachers description of the project.

My Students

Many of my students come from low-income homes and do not have the resources to help them to continue to grow academically. Despite the challenges some of my children face in and out of the classroom, they are eager to learn and do their best.

I want my students to be able to walk in their classroom and be surrounded with an abundance of fun and educational resources that will help encourage them to want to explore and continue to learn.

My Project

Please help my students have fun while learning about history. Currently, we are using old textbooks that the students dread to open. The Weekly Social Studies packets keeps it interesting while the kids learn about their ancient ancestors past to present times. I have used these Weekly Studies in the past with my other students and they have proven to be more effective and entertaining. I also love them because they come with all the worksheets and tests that go with each lesson, not to mention that each lesson is aligned with Common Core and up to date with incorporating holidays.

You can read more about this project at this link.