Rockin' Music Students Need Ukuleles! Mayfield, Kentucky.

We were one of nine donors to this project.  

This is Mrs. Wheeler's classroom.  She teaches at Sedalia Elementary School in Mayfield, Kentucky.

I love music and this is a musical project!

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This is her words and her project.

My students need these ukuleles to take their musicianship to the next level.

I have chosen the ukulele because they are small and easier for children to learn to play than other string instruments.

My hope is that after learning to play the basics on the ukulele in music class, students will develop a deeper understanding of folk songs and how they relate to our nation's history. We will develop more thoroughly skills they have already learned and learn new musical concepts and skills that coincide with learning to play a new instrument.

My deepest desire is that after intriguing them and piquing their interest, students will further develop their skills and become lifelong musicians. This is an instrument that is easy to carry, affordable, and they could potentially write their own songs and music for as they further develop their talents when they leave my elementary school.

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