Mrs. Gipson’s Classroom. Pre-K Jefferson Elementary School. Marion, IL

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Help me give my students sensory supports like the weighted vest and lap blanket that will help them function more effectively in the classroom

My Students

I teach 3-5 year old special needs children housed in a public school in our community. They are included in a pre-k center with typical functioning children. My kiddos have a variety of special needs including: autism, physical limitations, speech and language delays, sensory differences, deafness, and cognitive delays. The main emphasis in our classroom is language and social skills.

Almost daily we are able to celebrate accomplishments that may seem small to most, but are HUGE for our little ones with exceptionalities.

Just today our little guy with down syndrome said his first two word sentence! "Ball in." It was a big deal! Another has begun to "go" in the potty. It's like a party each time he does. Even pointing to a picture to make a choice for snack is a giant step for some.

Teaching these exceptional children has been the highlight of my teaching career. They are so excited to learn new things and be involved in new experiences.

My Project

Children with sensory differences have difficulties with processing information from the five senses: vision, auditory, touch, olfaction, and taste, as well as from the sense of movement (vestibular system), and/or the positional sense (proprioception).

Learning to deal with sensory issues is very frustrating for the very young children in my class.

Items such as the weighted vest and weighted blanket can help a child feel "grounded" and enable them to calm themselves when upset.

Other items such as the chewy toys provide sensory output for children who "mouth" items . Many children with autism are also very sensitive to noises, music, etc. The sound reducing ear phones will be so beneficial to them in and out of the classroom.

These types of resources will assist my children in beginning to learn to regulate their sensory difficulties.

Mrs. Addison’s Classroom. Kindergarten. South Christian Elementary School. Herndon, KY

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Store and Explore!

My students need a place to keep their supplies at their seat. We have tables in our classroom, so there isn’t a good place to store supplies for easy accessibility.

My Students

Our school is very transient and diverse. I have a perfect mix of 13 girls and 12 boys. This is the first structured educational experience for most of them. They are very social and rambunctious! They enjoy center time and hands-on learning. Markers and cutting activities are their favorites. Our classroom is self contained so they are with me for all subject areas. They do go to a different specials class each day which is taught by another teacher.

My Project

Students will be able to have their supplies close by and not cut into learning time trying to find what they need. Students keep their own supply box with crayons, scissors, glue sticks, and pencils. Each center is rotated to each students desk so their supplies are easily accessible. I want to set a good example and show students how to be more organized. Organizational skills are a 21st century skill that will be helpful to students at school and in the life beyond education.

The chair pockets would be one component to helping students learn the importance of living in an organized world.

Mrs. Thomasson. Jefferson Elementary School. Massac County, Illinois.

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A Space for Everything

Help me give my students new shelves to hold all of our classroom books and STEM supplies!

My Students

A day in my classroom is a day filled with learning, respect, and hard work. My school is in a rural area, and the students whom I teach come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Our class motto is, "In this room, we don't do easy.

We make easy happen through hard work and learning!" I have high expectations for my students and do everything in my ability to help them achieve their goals! I enjoy planning creative lessons and projects as much as my students enjoy working on them!

My Project

This project is for lumber and supplies which we'll need to build additional shelves in my classroom for storage. We currently have some low bookshelves that are filled to overflowing with books. That is a wonderful problem to have, but now we need more shelves! I have someone donating his time to build the shelves, but I will need quite a bit of lumber, screws, and paint for the project. The shelves will be 8 feet wide and 6 feet tall.

My class and even the school as a whole is made up of many avid readers.

I love finding new books for our classroom library, and I love seeing my students' faces when we get new books. These shelves will give me additional storage space for picture books and class sets of chapter books and will allow me to make sure that all of our books are able to be viewed and easily selected by my students.

The shelves I am having built will also hold STEM kits on the upper shelves so that they can be stored year-round in our classroom.

This is Mrs. Carter’s 2nd-grade classroom in Carlisle County Elementary School (Bardwell, Kentucky). STEM project.

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This is Mrs. Carter’s 2nd-grade classroom in Carlisle County Elementary School (Bardwell, Kentucky)

This was the project in her words.

My Project

My students are creative and inventive. They are more engaged when they are working hands-on to create something new! Currently, we do not have access to any STEM activities within our school. I want my students to have access to these activities.

My students need to be able to build, imagine, create and explore through STEM activities while using wobble cushions to help focus if needed.

I plan to use these activities each week during our a Fun Friday centers. During this time, the students will be able to enjoy learning through various hands-on activities? They also need the wobble cushions to help them focus at times throughout the day.

I have several students who could benefit greatly from the ability to move without disrupting others.

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Mrs. Well's 10th-grade classroom at Calloway County High School (Murray, KY). Chromebooks.

February 5, 2019

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This is Mrs. Well's 10th-grade classroom at Calloway County High School (Murray, KY).

This was the project in her words.

My Students

Our school is in a town of less than 20,000 and all of our students get free lunch. Our district has a great technology center where my kids have learned valuable skills in construction, auto tech, welding, and more.

My students are great kids that happen to have learning difficulties.

My Project

My students need a Chromebook so that they can access educational software that will help them close gaps in their learning.

There is a web-based computer program that my students can use that will create assignments tailored to their individual learning needs!

It is just not possible to customize lessons this well without a computer program.

I can make worksheets, but the students find the computer much more engaging!

I have seen great gains with this program and would love for all my students to be able to use it on a daily basis.

Individualizing education through technology makes a world of difference for my students.

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Mrs. Futrell Fraser’s Classroom 10th-grade classroom at Calloway County High School (Murray, KY). Chromebooks.

February 11, 2019

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This is Mrs. Futrell Fraser’s Classroom 10th-grade classroom at Calloway County High School (Murray, KY).

Her Project

I have recently started using Accucess with a few of my students. I have two computers in my room and rotate student use.

This is a program that will allow a student to work on essential skills to help them improve in both reading and mathematics. Without technology to access this website and others like it, it is not possible to individualize instruction enough for students to make these gains.

With Accucess, students take a placement test and then lessons are automatically generated to help in their learning.

It would take countless hours of testing and calculating along with reams of paper for me to do this without the technology.

If each student in the class had a Chromebook, they could all use this program daily, and I would see the gap between typical students and students with disabilities shrink!

Donations of Chromebooks for students to use research-based educational programs on the Internet, such as Accucess will give my students the opportunity to begin to catch up with their peers.

In addition, many of them would like to attend a technical college after graduation. With your donation of Chromebooks, my kids have a chance at realizing their dreams of higher education and a successful career.

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Chromebooks for Learning. Metropolis Elementary School

Here was Mrs. Crim’s project.

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My students need Chromebooks to help expand their educational needs. The benefits of computers include improved motor skills, increased math skills, increased creativity, and higher scores on standardized tests.

My Students

My students are creative, thoughtful and full of questions! They absolutely love hands-on, active, engaging projects and challenges that allow them to think outside the box to find solutions! They come to school each day ready to try new things and take brave chances in order to grow both personally and academically. Truly, they are my inspiration!

Our school is nestled in Southern Illinois, home of Superman.

We have had a lot of factories that have closed. Now, with many of them closed, our families often struggle to find employment and opportunity.

Each child in my classroom absolutely loves learning, although the method and environment in which they learn best vary greatly. We incorporate a variety of learning strategies, group work, and alternative seating and learning options to ensure that each student's needs are met, right where they are! They are truly an incredible group, and I am so lucky and thankful to have a new group of learners that are excited and ready to learn each year!

My Project

The use of Chromebooks is almost a daily activity in my classroom, especially in math. Using the workshop model in math, students come to the rug with Chromebooks for guided practice and to record modeled strategies. The Chromebooks allow me to see exactly what they are doing, as well as provide an easy place for them to show and share their work.

By donating to our project, you will not only help to improve and increase student attention and focus, you will ultimately help to increase their academic achievement.

Students will be able to simply focus on the academic material at hand, and not whether their materials are going to work or not. Plus in this technology literate world, any interaction with updated technology will increase their literacy as well as their desire to learn and use the new technology!