March 5, 2018: Mrs. Bark' Classroom. Reidland Elementary School in Reidland, Kentucky.

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This is the project in her words.

My Students

I have a great group of 3rd grade students who are eager to learn through hands-on technology. As a teacher in a low-income/high poverty school district, our students are faced with many difficulties both in and out of the school setting. Our whole school is now on free lunch due to the fact of low income in the area. Our students do not have the opportunities that most children have because of the challenges that come with their families because lack of money.

My Project

Five Amazon Fire tablets with cases will help my students in many ways. First, they will be able to do Reflex Math. This program allows students to memorize multiplication and division facts by the use of games. Moby Max is another program that I love. My students get to practice reading skills, math, science, social studies, and vocabulary, all in one program. The best part about it is that is is customized to each child's level. IXL is another program that my class likes to use. This program has math content for each grade level. All of these programs allow skills to be reinforced after I have taught them.