January 12, 2018: Document Camera. Carr Elementary School. Fulton, KY

Weather Talk was one of three donors to this project.

Here is the project in Ms. Brian's own words.

My Students

My students are amazing! I teach special education so all of my students have an IEP. I teach in a low income school, which means most of my students have a difficult background. My students are unable to afford many daily necessities. Each one of my students has a different personality, but most of my students have trouble focusing. This is very common in special educational students. Our school works very hard to meet the needs of each student, but because we are a low income school it is very hard to meet the needs of the students all the time.

My Project

Let me start off with what a document camera (or elmo) does. A document camera is a camera that allows you to put objects underneath it, and project the object onto a screen. The students are able to view what the teacher puts under the document camera on their white board. I will use the document camea in my classroom to do the students assignments and projects along with them. Often times my students have a very hard time focusing, and loose track of what I am telling them to do. If I am able to show them what I would like for them to do, and they are able to have a visual the students will stay focused on their project or assignment.

My students have many different diversities because it is a special educational classroom.

Many of my students are visual learners. This would benefit them by allowing them to have a visual of what is expected of the student. This will always benefit my students by giving them directions with visuals. Often times I tell the student to do something, but the student does not understand. If I am able to show or present what the student should be doing, the student will understand more clearly. This piece of technology would meet many different needs in my classroom such as visual learners, working together, and helping the student stay focused.

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