Chromebooks for Equal Access. North Calloway Elementary School. Calloway County, Kentucky.

We fully funded this project

Mrs. Falwell's Students

Mrs. Falwell teaches in a Title I school in which the majority of her students fall below poverty levels. Many of her students do not have access to technology outside of the school setting. She works daily with special needs students ranging in ability levels. Some of her students read above average, but struggle in other areas of the school day,, others read well below grade level. These weaknesses affect each and every area of their lives. One way to level the playing field for these students is to allow the use of assistive technology in all classroom settings. Due to budget cuts, they do not have the resources to put technology into the hands of all of their students.

Her Project

She teaches a wonderful group of students in grades 4 and 5 who just happen to have a special need which makes them even more unique. These special needs do not stop them from wanting to succeed! This particular group of students range from average to high intelligence to those with Mild Mental Disabilities. These students do not want to take the easy road, but want to participate in all classroom activities like their same age peers.

Chromebooks would allow my students to participate in grade level activities, assignments, and projects while breaking down the barriers that disabilities put in their way.
 ~ Mrs. Falwell

Chromebooks would not only allow for her students to read materials on and above their grade level, but would allow them to participate in group activities and class discussions. Google Classroom assignments would allow for her to scaffold her lessons in a way in which she can reach all students and their varying ability levels.