August 1, 2017. Making Science Fun! Mrs. Warren Classroom at Metropolis Elementary located in Metropolis, Illnois.

This project was funded by two donors.  We were one of the two.  This is an exciting project.  SCIENCE!  Right up our alley.

The money was used to purchase a variety of interactive science projects.   We were thrilled to help with this project.

Mrs. Warren's Project

Mrs. Warren is trying to bring Science to life by allowing the students the opportunity to conduct various science experiments. Students will grow their own gardens, feed and watch birds grow from our windows, build various electrical circuits, grow bacteria, and much more. These experiments will allow them to have fun while building lifelong memories.

These resources will allow her the opportunity to make their science textbook become more exciting.

This will help create an interest in students willingness to want to learn more about science. Every year, Mrs. Warren has a couple of students asking the first day of school if we will be doing science experiments. It is my goal to do as many as possible and keep it fun!