Fostering a Love of Reading With TOON Books! Paducah, Kentucky.

  • Paducah, Kentucky.  McNabb Elementary School
  • 4th grade
  • We were one of two donors to this project

Here is the project in Mr. Wyman's words.

My students need TOON Graphics reading materials that are meaningful and authentic to their experiences and interests.

My Project

I am hoping to purchase the “10 Prize-Winning TOON Graphics for Middle Grades.” These books will enable my students to gain a wealth of information, entertainment, imagination, and emotion. These books will stimulate my student's growth in reading and imagination. Through a mix of genres, including narrative and informational texts, students will be able to meet their literary goals and expand their knowledge base. They will also be exposed to many of the great myths and stories of classical literature in a format that is both fun and relevant to them. These books will not only establish and update my classroom library, they will also be valuable resources that my students, many of whom do not have access to books outside of school, will cherish and benefit from, not only this year,  but for many years to come.