December 2017. Mrs. Trovillion’s Classroom. Children Love Coding!

This project was for Jefferson Elementary School in Massac County.  Mrs. Trovillions 2nd grade classroom.

We were one of three donors to this project.

Here is the project in her words.

Kids Love Coding!

My students need the Dot robots and an iPad to learn about coding.

My Students

A day in our 2nd-grade classroom is filled with learning and hard work. Our school is in a rural area, and the students that I teach come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Our class motto is "Work hard, try hard, never give up." I set high expectations in the classroom and students strive to do their best, be creative and work hard to meet their goals!

I look forward planning creative lessons and projects as much as my students enjoy working on them!

My Project

My students need Dot robots and an iPad to learn about coding. Children want to learn how to code. They want to learn how to make tablets do useful things. They want to learn how to build websites and control robots. It's actually a very cool thing to them.

What really matters are the lasting benefits of building skills such as logical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication.

The earlier we introduce children to coding, the more comfortable they will be when presented with more in-depth learning opportunities in middle and high school.Early exposure to coding helps teach children how important it is to understand computers as the valuable tools they are rather than just fun playthings.We plan to use coding in our classroom as part of our STEM projects to promote problem solving and other important skills the students need to be successful.