Swing Away To A New Playground. Kindergarten Carlisle County Elementary School Bardwell, Kentucky.

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This! ---> Their school needed playground equipment. Their students did not have any playground equipment. <—

They had to play on an empty lot with a drainage ditch and gravel road running through it. <---

This project was for the Carlisle County Elementary School Kindergarten class. Bardwell, Kentucky.

Swing Away To A New Playground

We were one of 79 donors for this project.

The project:

A new swing set for their playground. Their school did not have any playground equipment.

Mrs. Walters Students

The children in their community needed a safe and engaging place to play.

Their students were playing in an empty lot behind the school that has a gravel road and drainage ditch running through it.

There is no shade to keep them cool and protect them from the sun.

Their school is located in the middle of a rural county which limits their students' opportunities for recreational activity and public playgrounds. They had to travel at least 20 miles for fun, healthy activities

Their school is a Title 1 school with over 61% of their students that qualify for free and reduced lunches.

Their students don't have much but they deserve the world! They are wonderful children and greatly appreciate the donation for a playground. This project was for a swing set with 8 swings

Playgrounds are more than just a fun place to play.

Their students needed a chance to feel the breeze on their skins as they swing through the air.

The swing set helps their students gain balance, fine and gross motor skills, and coordination. Also, it is helping students brains learn to make sense of speed and direction which is beneficial for visual perception.