Sliding Onto a Much Needed Playground!

We were one of 35 donors for this project!

Dear Beau Dodson / WeatherTalk

Thank you so much for making our dream of a playground for our students a reality! Thanks to your donations for the slides for our playground. We were able to fund the entire playground much sooner than expected. Thanks to you, all 30050+ students were able to have a playground before the end of this school year! They were able to use this for play while building gross motor skills along the way! All students and faculty/staff were so excited to see the playground installed and able to be used this year! Your donation will not only impact students in our school this year but for so many years to come! Thank you so much for caring about our students and for your generosity!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Martin

Here was the project

Help me give my students two slides for our playground in order for them to develop much needed gross motor skills they will need for proper growth, health and development.

Mrs. Martin’s Students

Students in our building range from kindergarten all the way to fifth grade students. These are some of the best kids you will ever meet! They are kind, considerate, eager to learn and explore, as well as energetic. Each child is unique and deserves the best that we can offer!

Mrs. Martin’s Project

The children in our community need a safe and engaging place to play. Currently, our students play in an empty space beside the school that has a gravel road, a drain pipe, and no shade to keep them cool or protect them from the sun. Our area has limited opportunities for recreational activity and no public playgrounds. Many people travel at least 20 to 25 miles for fun, healthy activities. Our school is located in a rural county and the entire community would have easy access to our playground.

Playground equipment, such as slides, is a necessity for student growth and healthy development.

Slides give ALL students the opportunity to develop gross motor skills while climbing and playing. Playing on slides also promotes balance and coordination in children. When a child climbs up a slide and successfully positions and pushes themselves down the chute, they are building valuable balance and coordination skills. These are skills that develop basic motor skills that young children will use the rest of their lives. A choice in slides will further develop these skills as they promote both balance and coordination in different ways depending on the slide design.

Students not only would benefit by developing gross motor skills, they would also have a great opportunity to run off excess energy that builds up during the school day. Students need the opportunity to run and play and just be a kid. A playground with slides would give them this opportunity! I remember sliding down the slide on my school playground, the wind in my face and not a care in the world.......I am sure you can too! I want our students to feel that same carefree joy and excitement! Please help bring this joy, excitement and healthy development to ALL students in our school!