College Bound...Here We Come. Mrs. Goines’ Classroom 12th grade Massac County High School in Metropolis, IL

College Bound...Here We Come.

We were one of three donors to this project.

Extra calculators that they can use on state mandated and college admission testing.

Mrs. Goins Students

Our high school is in a small rural community in deep Southern Illinois. The high school has less than 600 students; because of state funding issues and lack of programming, many of our students miss out on educational opportunities that are available to students in other school districts across the state.

Many of our students are first generation college students attempting to pursue a college education.

Despite the many challenges that face first-generation college students, our students are excited about the opportunity to attend college and our school district promotes a "college bound" culture as early as kindergarten.

Our students are college-bound and should be recognized for their hard work and achievements.

Mrs. Goins Project

Each year, the State of Illinois requires that students enrolled in 11th grade participate in the SAT exam. We administer this exam to all 11th grade students as part of an accountability program with the state but also as it aligns with our College Bound Culture. All students, before entering 12th grade, have taken the SAT Test and are one test closer to College.

A portion of the test, SAT Math with Calculator, allows students to use a calculator on the exam.

Each year I have students that are not able to afford a calculator and do poorly on this portion of the exam. Because of funding, our district has a limited supply of calculators for students to use on test day, creating an unfair advantage among our students. Students with the means of buying a very expensive calculator are able to utilize this calculator, whereas students that are unable to provide their own calculator do poorly on this portion of the exam. I try to gather as many calculators as possible but always end up short. I would like to fund a set of calculators that our students can use when taking college admission testing.