2nd Grade Stem Activities to Expand Creative Minds. Carlisle County, Kentucky.

This is her project.

We were one of 14 donors for this project.

My Students

I teach a room full of All Star second graders who are eager to learn! This group is extremely bright, energetic, and creative! However, they face many challenges. We have many “at risk” students in our school, and our school is the only school in our low-income/rural community. We have qualified for a free breakfast/lunch program. Many of our students have a lot of family struggles but have a lot of support!

My students are truly an incredible, loving group, and I am so lucky and thankful to have a group of learners that are excited and ready to learn!

My Project

Each Friday I have a "Fun Friday" time where the students in my room are encouraged to explore and create, build and engineer.

My students absolutely LOVE "Fun Fridays," where they get to collaborate together with STEM activities such as engineering gears, coding, creating puzzles, and mazes for marbles to travel through, etc.

However, I am limited to the STEM resources I have available. I have purchased several items on my own, but would love to give my students more of an assortment to choose from.

The coding robot, electronics kits, and building kits will be used during "Fun Fridays," science, and indoor recess and will allow my students to explore their creative sides as well as build the engineering skills. Thank you making a difference in the lives of our future leaders!