September 19, 2017: Fire Up the Learning! Twenty Amazon Fire Tablets.

This was a big project.  Beau Dodson Weather was one of fourteen donors.  

Mrs. Gooch teaches at Fulton County Elementary Middle School in Hickman, Kentucky.

Her students are of a diverse population within a rural community. Each student is unique and capable of success given the proper resources and support. She has 23 students in her Kindergarten classroom who are developing their foundational skills to become successful and productive throughout their educational career.

I feel that technology can play a significant part in the development and progression of my students learning skills and will have a positive impact in the classroom. ~ Mrs. Gooch

Many of her students do not have access to technology at home and the technology within their classroom is limited. Only 20% of her students are fluent with computer and technology skills due to some type of outside influence. The other 80% of her students have little to no opportunities outside the classroom to explore the world using some type of technology.

This was a great project!