August 21, 2017. A letter from Mrs. Falwell.

We were excited about this project!  So happy to be able to help.  This project was funded by Weather Talk.

This was Calloway County School District.  Murray, Kentucky.  Grades 3 through 5.

Dear Beau Dodson,

I cannot even begin to thank you enough for the resources that you have donated to my classroom. My class has already benefited greatly from having Chromebooks to access grade level standards and activities and we just started the school year! Because of your generous donation, I am able to ability group my students, while scaffolding their work to meet their individual needs. Without these Chromebooks, this simply would not be a possibility. My students are now sure to grow by leaps and bounds while accessing materials in a fun and engaging way. Thank you for digging deep in order to help others succeed! I am truly grateful for you and this generous donation!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Falwell