June 24, 2017. Book Nook! Farmington Elementary School in Mayfield, Kentucky!

June 24, 2017

Even though it is summer, we are still helping to support the needs of local schools.  The kids are out, but the teachers are planning.

Beau Dodson Weather and Weather Talk subscribers recently helped Farmington Elementary School in Mayfield, Kentucky with a Book Nook project!

There were a total of six individuals that helped make this project successful. The total amount raised was $727.00.

The project will help benefit the students in Mrs. Poe's classroom.  It will allow them to not only engage in reading experiences with each other, but also teachers, volunteers, parents, and grandparents.  It can provide a place where students feel safe to ask questions about stories, explore the pictures and print, "read" to a friend or have a positive interaction with a peer.  It will provide an area for stories to come alive to the young readers in the classroom.  The book nook will allow for students to have an area just for exploring, dreaming, retelling, role-playing and leaning to love and care for books.

Who doesn't like books!  We can't go wrong with this project.  I can't wait to see the photos of the finished project.

Mrs. Poe sent a big thank you to Weather Talk!