Flourescent Lighting...Ouch! Fourth grade Lone Oak Intermediate School

Beau Dodson Weather was one of nine donors for this project.

Mrs. Mayes is the teacher for this fourth grade classroom in Lone Oak, Kentucky.

Here is the project in her words

My Students

Students will be coming to my 4th grade class to learn about Science and Technology and Social Studies. Our school is in Western Kentucky and houses only 4th and 5th grades. I teach many students with learning disorders, ADHD and autism in my mainstream class. We work on computers a lot and use our Mimio interactive projector all throughout the day. We appreciate any fundraising help we can get for these light covers. Thank you for reading this!

My Project

Have you ever bern under harsh Flourescent lighting all day long? It's terrible! It causes headaches and eye straight and makes it hard to concentrate. We would like to purchase flourescent light filters that ease the effects of traditional classroom lighting! These fabric covers are engineered to be heat resistant and fire retardant. They have magnets that hold them to the metal framing around each light. In my class we are constantly turning the light on, off, and halfway off to accommodate the tasks we are on. Having these filters installed would increase student engagement and of course, student learning!