October 27, 2017: Equipping Pre-K Students for a Bright Future

We were one of two donors for this project.  Our donation was matched by another organization.

This is Mrs. Collie's classroom.  She is located in Metropolis, Illinois.

This is her project in her words.

My students need 2 iPads with cases to work on pre-writing, fine motor, and communication skills.

My Students

Welcome to Early Childhood. These students are Massac County's very youngest most fragile students who come in from a high poverty area with special needs.

The students I work with are very excited about learning, but they learn in different ways then other students and need special attention and care.


My students disabilities range from Autism to behavior disorders. Many of them need extra help in speech and fine motor skills. They learn best with hands on materials in small group settings.

My Project

By putting an ipad in our students hands they will use fine motor and communication skills to increase their accuracy in both handwriting and verbalizing . Children love ipads and come to school knowing how to use them. This makes the transition from home to the classroom setting much easier. The Students will work on the Hand Writing without Tears app . Children will learn and practice correct formation habits for writing capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters with accuracy. The students will also be able to use the Busy shapes app to motivate little children to find solutions to various shape puzzles.